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Competing Teams



  • New York University Abu Dhabi


  • Manager: Prof. Matthew Karau
  • Email:


The team NYUAD envisions a new kind of agricultural tourism experience in the UAE. Our ambitiousdesign brings together best global practices, unobtrusive use of technology, and moderninterpretations of traditional architectural elements. The project highlights often overlooked threads inthe vibrant tapestry of the UAE by exploring areas of the country typically outside the scope of urbandevelopment. Through combining the goals of Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 with newopportunities in desert farming and the natural beauty of the Emirates, the house provides animmersive agricultural tourism experience.

Team NYUAD presents a design for the first LEED Platinum agricultural tourism destination in the UAE. The use of traditional architectural concepts and modern technology allows cateringtowards a unique experience, incorporating both the past and the future.

In a desire to live sustainably, remember the past, and support the future, the design incorporates reclaimed how wood and interior finishing from emerging designers and artists in the UAE. In an effort to keep in touch with the extraordinary nature of the region, the design features a floor-to-ceiling glass wall along the south-facing façade, embracing natural sunlight and breath-taking panoramic views.

Team NYUAD’s presents an integrated design that incorporates a number of passive and activetechnologies. The house achieves robust functionality in the harsh desert environment of the UAE desert,while attaining well-rounded performance during periods with milder weather conditions throughout theyear. The unique combination of passive design solutions chosen by the team for the different componentsof the house is used to reduce the performance of the active systems to a minimum. 

Such design stemsfrom a thorough understanding of the local climate and design solutions, which allow us to utilize naturalelements to provide the amenities needed. Each component within the house serves to empower the overallexperience of the residents, while maintaining the comfort of its end user as a primary goal


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