Competing Teams

The teams led by universities will engage students nationally and internationally to develop the skills and knowledge to become the next generation of energy experts.

Competing Teams

Team KSU


  • King Saud University


  • Manager: Ibrahim Almohanna
  • Email:

The King Saud University (KSU) is proud to participate in the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018.The University believes that the greatest challenge to a prosperous future of our region is the constantly growing demand for energy and scarcity of water resources. Because of such demanding challenge, Saudi Vision 2030 and Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 (among other regional initiatives) emphasize sustainable design, energy efficiency, and investment in renewable energy.

Team KSU is a multidisciplinary team that includes participants from architecture and different fields of engineering. However, team KSU comes into the Solar Decathlon Middle East with a challenging objective:

  • To realize a sustainable residence that strikes the right balance between comfort, aesthetics, and affordability, while preserving the house’s unique identity

This project is expected to have lasting outcomes.  The KSU Solar House will become a permanent exhibit that will help raise public awareness of sustainable design. From an educational point of view, the project will be particularly valuable for the students due to their engagement in real-life problems that emphasize multidisciplinary teamwork, application of codes and standards, practicing professional conduct, and interaction with industrial partners.

The K.S.U Solar dwelling, equipped withan integrated system to provide cooling, heating and natural ventilation through the Solar Thermal Heating System.In addition, with the addition of a simple vent to allow the garden cool air to flow through the house and hot air to escape during summer season to provide cooling and ventilation, and to control airflow in spring and autumn, while heating and circulating the inner house air during winter. The design has also provided all living spaces inside the K.S.U Solar dwelling with enough natural lighting. Furthermore, a double-curved roof was addedon top to reduce the exposure of direct sunlight and to carry the solar cells that produce clean energy to reduce CO2 emissions.

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