Competing Teams

The teams led by universities will engage students nationally and internationally to develop the skills and knowledge to become the next generation of energy experts.

Competing Teams

Team BaityKool


  • Amity University
  • An-Najah National University
  • University of Bordeaux


  • Manager: Prof. Philippe LAGIERE
  • Email:

The BaityKool team continues its efforts of innovation and knowledge sharing for Net Zero Energy Solar Buildings. The team believes that, through exploration and practice, students can acquire valuable learning experience in sustainable design.Moreover, Solar Decathlon Middle East represents an opportunity to develop, apply and demonstrate their innovation and technical knowledge in sustainable and self-sufficient building and to promote technology transfer towards the construction industries. 

The project’s concept is based on:
  • Multi-family housing building, dense, compact to minimize environmental impact while ensuring well-being and comfort of the occupant adapted to the local conditions (social and cultural)
  • A scalable industrialized concept ensuring the replicability, strong environmental and economic impact in the region, adaptable to the cultural and climatic context, largely inspired by vernacular architecture
  • To bring state of the art, innovative technologies such as ecological water treatment systems, stand-alone electricity production for self-sufficiency based on BIPV, micro combined heat and power system and electricity storage
  • Parametric designed envelope cost- effective and efficient HVAC systems embedded in the envelope, symbiotic façade elements for algae production
The design objectives are:
  • To propose an adapted urban form in the dense urban surroundings, which participates in achieving an internal summer comfort in one of the hottest regions, while having a limited energy consumption
  • To develop a circular and beneficial use of water and make room for vegetation enhancing the psychological comfort, and participating in the thermal comfort
  • To design an adaptable space organization that will respect the cultural intimacy inherent to the region, and will allow a reorganization over the years
  • To fit the market criteria of the region while achieving a high industrialization for a quick on-site installation and ensuring high quality, reduced costs and high modularity
  • To bring solar technologiesto theMiddle East region that are at the top level in Europe

Following these guidelines, the BaityKool team will bring to Dubai, several of the most effective and previously demonstrated solar and environmental technologies packed in a brand new innovative model of housing. 

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