Competing Teams

The teams led by universities will engage students nationally and internationally to develop the skills and knowledge to become the next generation of energy experts.

Competing Teams

Team Aqua Green


  • Ajman University


  • Manager: Dr. Sahar Najeeb Sulaiman Kharrufa
  • Email:


Ajman University welcomes the opportunity to participate in a competition that allows the staff and students to collaborate on a project that can help advance the UAE’s momentum towards sustainability. The intention of this project is to maximize the energy savings and minimize consumption to the lowest level, utilizing a super insulated building shell. Ajman University has several courses related to sustainability, cooling loads and building services. The solar decathlon goals and objectives are included in all of these in varying degrees. The course on sustainability almost completely changed towards providing solutions and studies for the competition. Many of the design courses have included daily sketch designs for the competition too. However, quite a few graduation projects in the department of Electrical engineering are now involved in providing studies and solutions for the design of our project.

Team and its goal

To maximize the energy savings and minimize consumption to the lowest level; the construction will be using a super insulated building shell. Low energy cooling systems also will be experimenting with that, operated using the limited amount of electricity generated by solar panels. 

Concerns addressed are:
  • Minimizing heat transfer through windows and doorways
  • Using low energy appliances
  • Green material and furniture
  • Providing reusable, recycled and sustainable furniture
  • The appropriate use of non-toxic materials and finishes such as; paints, wood, floor and ceiling finishing
  • Using exterior plants to reduce solar reflections on the building, along with the use of gray and recycled water
  • Staying in touch with social and architectural Emirati traditions

All these incorporated into a comfortable and aesthetically designed contemporary home, will bethe basis of our exceptional project to feature in the 2018 Solar Decathlon Middle East.

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