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Competing Teams



  • Eindhoven University of Technology


  • Manager: Prof. S.P.G. Moonen
  • Email:

TheVIRTUe is a student team at the Eindhoven University of Technology that will be participating in the current and in future Solar Decathlons. To answer the needs of Dubai, VIRTUe will present LINQ, an innovative way of living that will connect technologies and people within the home.Taking the current situation, the concept of LINQ and the target group into consideration,the idea to combine multiple houses into one apartment complex with shared spaceswas intriguing.During the final event, of the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018, VIRTUe will build one of these apartments. This apartment summarizes the benefits of the full sized apartment complex.

  • Passive design strategies
  • Energy management 
  • Water management
  • Social aspects

Both the south wall and the roof are tilted to provide shade that is vital for reducing solar gain and optimizing the angle of the thin foil photovoltaic panels. Due to the shade created by the tilt of the wall, it is possible to have a larger window-to-wall ratio. In addition, it gives the apartment a strong architectural expression. On the north side, a 3D printed double curved wall is situated which provides both support and nutrients to the vegetation inside the wall.

The cores play a vital role in the apartment complex, stabilizing the building and connecting the apartments to one another, transporting electricity and water. During the Solar Decathlon this core is load bearing, which significantly speeds up the building process and increases building comfort. Within this core, a net zerowater system is placed. This machine recovers fertilizer nutrients, renewable energy and drinkable water from wastewater produced by the apartments.

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