Competing Teams

The teams led by universities will engage students nationally and internationally to develop the skills and knowledge to become the next generation of energy experts.

Competing Teams

Team Twist Box


  • University of Belgrade


  • Manager: Prof. Natasa Cukovic Ignjatovic
  • Email:

The Twist Box, designed for a desert provides new, sustainable, adaptive space by twisting and understanding contemporary and traditional building systems using the best of multidisciplinary technologies to achieve healthier living in the areas of rapid climate change and scarce recourses. It redefines the perception of traditional housing to address challenging conditions, which prevent people to access clean water, power supply or efficient ventilation.

Twist Box team concept integrates prior knowledge about traditional architecture of the Dubai area with contemporary principles of bioclimatic design. Solar Decathlon Middle East Team Serbia tends to connect traditional and modern way of living through concept design looking back on different notions of comfort and privacy, now and in the past on the territory of United Arab Emirates, simultaneously looking after specific climate and sustainable conditions. Their goal is to promote energy efficient architecture as an attractive, environment friendly and adaptive way for the future.

House has been designed as dynamic partially two-story composition. Ground level encompasses living, dining, kitchen, bathroom and study room, which can be transformed intothe sleeping room. This floor is dedicated to the daily use and public events. 

On the upper floor, two sleeping rooms are located: master bedroom and kids’ room. Living area has been designed as large open space of increased height enabling multiple functional organizations and different layouts providing for various occupancy scenarios.

Design of the façade of inner cubic form reflects the functional logic having large glazed areas in living quarters andsmaller openings at sanitary and sleeping zones, while outer canvas envelope shields whole house strengthening thefeel of privacy and enabling the dynamic play of light and shades.


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