Competing Teams

The teams led by universities will engage students nationally and internationally to develop the skills and knowledge to become the next generation of energy experts.

Competing Teams

Team SoLLite Salalah


  • Dhofar University


  • Manager: Marwan Farhan
  • Email:

The house designed by Dhofar University students is a parametrically designed prototype of a dwelling that responds to the cultural desires of the Middle East population. Designed to perform at high temperatures, humidity, and dust storms,SoLLiteSalalahteam meets the needs of the region for sustainable housing. The solar-powered dwelling produces enough energy for its needs, as well as to operate its cutting-edge technological systems. On the other hand, the application of parametric and passive techniques of design and innovative light materials designed by the team’s chemical engineers for the envelope of the house will minimize the heat transfer to the interior and, therefore, the consumption of the energy needed for cooling. The team uses the latest technology available to transfer engineering knowledge to a wider community and teach them how to consume the least amount of energy conserving our natural resources.

Project impact and outcomes:
  • Create awareness of students and community in the use of renewable energy technologies; energy management; sustainable construction and parametric design
  • Challenge students to think creatively and develop innovative solutions that contribute to energy savings
  • Encourage professionals for new architecture and engineering solutions.
  • Demonstrate that a shelter can be easily created and assembled in a short period at an affordable cost

The shelter, which is designed and structured with the best engineering techniques catering, operates on solar energy and totally responds to Middle Eastern climate and culture, will contribute to the public education and dissemination of knowledge in solar energy, eco housing and latest technologies for sustainable region’s future development. 

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