Manager: Sundara Gurushev

Find Balance in where you are

Our proposed home, Tawazun was born out of the concept of Balance between modern and vernacular design. We are a multidisciplinary, proactive team primarily consisting of designers and engineers from architecture, civil, mechanical, electrical, mechatronics and computer science. Our home will be a hallmark of sustainability which will incorporate strategies based on LEED, LEED Zero, Estidama, PassivHaus and the WELL building standards.

Tawazun will comprise of new strategies bringing together not only the pillars forming SDME but also for the betterment of our community. The approach to design stems from the architectural roots of Dubai and leads the way to a home that has been intuitively designed for the future. The architectural design takes on a simplistic, direct approach that follows critical regionalist principles. The approach to the layout of spaces is people centric, which enables the prototype to be replicated to meet different end user needs, without compromising on the privacy of the owners. To add on to this, a systematic integration of tech will enable the home to be resource efficient while catering its occupants needs. This enables the prototype to cater to:

Young Professionals/Entrepreneurs, who seek sustainability with respect to people, planet, profit and culture. The home can cater to their necessities of hosting meetings and being flexible to their needs.

By the end of the competition we hope to have built a truly affordable, net zero home that does not compromise on its luxury or flexibility. This would help developers to mass build the home, using the already built home as a prototype to execute R&D in the form of a long-term partnership with the university and align themselves with the Affordable Housing goals set by the UAE. 

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