Team KU

Manager: Prof. Dragana Randelovic

House Description

The goal of the SDME 2020 Khalifa University (KU) team is to develop a new Emirati housing typology which puts well-being at the center of the experience, in an energy independent, high-tech, solar house.

The house is not developed solely for the purpose of implementation of high-end technological amenities, but only those that will utilize and combine with an aesthetically pleasing architectural design to ensure the happiness, comfort and safety of its inhabitants.

  • Providing a well-being experience in an energy independent, high-tech, solar house
  • Demonstrating sensitivity to the UAE ecosystem and culture
  • Developing a passive design response to the local climate. This needs to result in increased inhabitant comfort and well-being, while reducing energy demands
  • Operating autonomously from the grid system. Being a generator of renewable energy, not a consumer
  • Providing a positive contribution to the future growth of the urban fabric
Design philosophy and house design

The design concept is directly informed by the bioclimatic passive design response to the climate, and the fundamental drive to reduce energy consumption and increase comfort of the space. Aside from these functional drivers, the design adopts a culturally sensitive approach with appropriate segregation and arrangement of the public and private spaces.

The house is designed and will be built to initiate innovation. It is carefully designed to allow for an easy understanding of applied design principles and innovative technologies, which will become exhibition displays. The house composition is planned accordingly to allow for an educational journey which explains innovative possibilities. The house is an exhibition and learning experience in itself.

Team Gallery

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