Manager: Dr. Malak A-Nory

Learning from cultural traditions, narratives, and contextual conditions are the guiding parameters of this house design. The team seeks to reconceptualize the traditional family house to adapt to the changing patterns of life in the future. The 110 square meter home offers intimate yet inviting spaces decorated in a minimal style, equipped with cutting-edge technology to elevate the comfort level of the inhabitants without compromising its livable aspect. The building mass evolved from a basic mass achieving the required volume.

Passive strategies implementation as well as microclimate conditions directed its development: the mass was split into two parts along the North/South axis. The parts were shifted from each other along the main axis to increase the shaded surfaces. An open space was carved into the middle of the mass, improving cross natural ventilation of the internal spaces, and offering a private, climate moderated outdoor area. As a responsive approach to the site natural resources, the North structure was elevated to capture the North-West prevailing wind and channel it through the shaded open space into the house enhancing its thermal performance. A water feature, a staple element of traditional Arabic house, was added to cool the air. Solar Envelope and fenestration were adapted to respond to the surface orientation. The roofs were tilted in opposite directions to capture the prevailing wind on one hand, while increasing the roof surface area to allocate the additional solar panels on the other hand. 

Unique house features and Technological innovations
  1. Combining the vegetation with the solar system will cool down the panels and increase its efficiency

  2. Eco-machine system is applied to recycle the gray water passively without any required energy

  3. Solar Water Heating System

  4. Internal open spaces

  5. Integrated Light Pipes to increase the day lighting inside the spaces 

Team Gallery