Team Infinity House

Manager: Hossam Gaber
Team UOIT represents the University of Ontario Institute of Technology from Canada at the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2021 in Dubai.
The proposed solar house borrows its design influence from local culture and traditional sustainable design strategies of courtyard houses and aims to combine these local and vernacular aspects with future oriented innovations and BIPV technologies.
The "Infinity House" is the solar house of the future. It combines the simplicity of minimalistic design with the complexity of a fully automated and self-sufficient building system. With respect to the cultural background of the region and passive design strategies, the house is an introverted single unit one-bedroom example, that can be adjusted and customized for infinite layout possibilities. 
The prefabricated modular design approach is flexible and can be adjusted to respond to various climates around the world and to allow multi-unit courtyard house developments, thanks to its innovative reflection canopy design.

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