Team Infinity House

Manager: Hossam  Gaber 

The project is aiming at high performance zero net energy (ZNE) solar-powered homes using sustainable innovative solution. The project provides novel home design and construction materials that verify the sustainability, comfortability and environmental requirements. Project team is applying solar technologies such as solar skin, solar painting, solar windows, solar water purifiers. The design includes micro energy grid for home/house that has the potential to provide reliable and clean energy, reducing dependencies on the use of fossil fuels, and intermittent and sporadic renewable energy resources (such as solar / photovoltaic and batteries). The project will concern with many innovative aspects to have integrated schemes and technologies to ensure optimum and high efficient energy system. Also, an innovative PV power maximize (IPPM) will be applied to raise the efficiency of photovoltaic (PV) panels till 145%, thus significantly increasing the overall output of a PV system. That IPPM will enable the production of more energy per PV module without increasing the environmental footprint of the overall system. Central base microgrid is proposed that serves multiple houses and communities, that will be operated based on economic and technical optimization criteria. That is all will lead to zero net energy (ZNE) building, which will reduce home energy requirements to minimum value within renewable energy resources. The home will produce energy as much it consumes. ZNE home can be connected to utility network, so that it can supply power to the network when it is generating more than its consumption and takes power from the network when home consumption exceeds the generated power on site. Mobile off-microgrid is proposed on e-trailer, Mobisun, that serves for any emergent cases at the houses, community, facilities and infrastructure (fire station, water station, power substation). Waste to Energy (WtE) station is integrated in homes and community that is able to generate energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the primary treatment of waste, or the processing of waste into a fuel source. WtE is a form of energy recovery and will support ZNE homes design and operation. The proposed solution will include emergency energy management in case of disasters or server weather conditions.

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