Manager: Dr. Ahmed Hassan
  • Main Concept of the moon:beauty of God’s creation.
  • The Characteristics are:Irregularity on surface.
  • Advantages: shadings + work as landscape.

Reasons we chose the moon as the concept:intends to show theconnection of differentcultures as they all sharethe same moon + harmony. 

Stage 1: Started with the Hilal shape at first, added another Hilal shape for the entrance so it could match with the concept.

Stage 2: The house was decided at this stage to have a part of crescent like shape and to complete it with landscape either as a crescent or a whole moon. The use of curvature and the beauty of irregularity was shown in the plans the most.

Stage 3: The curvature was kept in the plan and units were finalized to have a cuboidal shape to apply the modularity in its elements.

Stage 4: The different zones were separated to use the beauty of voids and to define the spaces more clearly. The division of units and the connectivity in between them shows that even in the different cultures, there is always something that connects us all.

Team Gallery