Manager: Nesrine Oussadou

With a research-led approach, Harmony home is an extension of who we are, we strive to create a space that reflects the Emirati culture with a touch of modern technologies, we speak the language of modular construction to build the future of sustainable housing in UAE. Our concept depends on creating experience rather than architectural form, it was created after understanding the harmony of nature in UAE which embraced cultural values covering the following: environmental aspects, social integration, lifestyle, and modernized traditions. Join us on a journey to explore a modernized Bedouin tent that stands out to serve as a sanctuary for visitors in the desert.

We are inspired by the theme of Dubai Expo 2020 (Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ Harmony Home will show you the direction towards sustainable and smart living. Team Harmony took to the task of enhancing the local culture with using future technology. Harmony House will demonstrate creative applications for solar energy as we are aiming to produce a net zero house.

Harmony House is a high-performance house which uses the right blend of passive and active design strategies to minimize energy, materials, water, and land use to offer an energy efficient and comfortable atmosphere. Applying efficient active systems, water conservation methods, eco-friendly appliances, and smart technologies to a well-designed home will add a noticeable value and will reduce carbon footprint and energy efficiently.

Our house structure is 100% made of recyclable materials, and we are one of the first in the field of construction which are recycling of the asset. Our house structure is recycled modules from previous projects and landscape stand is made out of reused palettes.

Our goal is to enhance wellbeing through smart farming, we focus on technology and innovation when it comes to growing food, Al3ezbah “smart farm” is our leading example for feeding the community using high-tech concept built on traditional ecosystem of any land which will achieve 90 % organic waste reduction. We want to drive UAE communities toward growing their own food and increase people’s happiness through sustainable living.