Manager: Nesrine Oussadou

Team Harmony include several members with different backgrounds helped to have a better holistic view of the project assigning roles to be done in the process of picking up a concept, developing and testing it.Taking part in SDME will allow the university students to learn new skills and help them to exchange information with other students. The future of Sustainable Buildings could be touched today since Dubai has the cutting-edge technology that will accelerate such process. The team is planning to find new ways to save energy and use the renewable resources. Both elements will help increase the level of people’s happiness while they live in sustainable cities.

Project Summary

This year we are inspired by Dubai EXPO 2020’s theme (connecting minds creating the future), we reflected the theme on our design’s concept, harmony home will be a space for living and a platform to connect people together using innovative ways to make the space flexible to be utilized according to human needs. The idea is to find integration between the elements of nature and the building by finding the best sustainable and environmental solutions to reach the highest design standards, from here the name (harmony) was inspired, as well as using of expressive colors to present the elements in the logo to illustrate this required integration. History is the true identity of nations and peoples. Based on the importance of this history and the fact that «the UAE,s bright history is no less important than its bright present», hence the initiatives aimed at contributing to documenting the history of the country in all fields. From the fragrant Emirati civilization, to modern technology, there must be an integrated home that combines the simplicity of ancient homes in the past with the latest sustainable technology in the present to reach a modern integrated home. From here, the idea began. The Harmony building design is focused on sustainable construction and green technologies which will reduce building emissions and carbon foot print significantly. The building will be partially constructed off-site and assembled on-site on a precast concrete slab to reduce the required time of construction.

Target Client

Harmony house is designed for all age groups and nationalities, considering the UAE and its multi cultural population. The house is designed to grow with the family growth, allowing space adjustments and freedom to upgrade.

Team Gallery