Manager: Wenhao Zhang 

Climate Resolution Strategy

The starting point of our project is to deal with the high temperature, less rain climate in the Middle East, and we hope to design a house with a combination of active technology and passive technology. Inspired by the traditional patio-type house common in the Middle East and North Africa, these houses have terrace roofs with patios, window s open to the inner courtyard instead of outside walls. The external high temperature and sandy environment is isolated while better air circulation is organized.

While retaining the patio as a climate buffer space, our plan strengthen the outer maintenance structure. The double-layer roof and yard's wall block the solar radiation, inducing fresh air and integrating photovoltaic equipment.

Future Habitat Strategy

The pattern of “closed to the outside and open to the inside” also meets the cultural needs of local people who value family life and privacy.With the combination of active technology and enhanced passive technology, the patio can achieve better comfort without air conditioning. Using advanced water treatment and planting technology, the patio is created as an "oasis of technology". Functionally, it can be used independently as a semi-outdoor space or as an expansion space for surrounding rooms to meet different needs such as parties.

Future construction strategy

We integrate the service room on the north side of the house. The pipeline is concentrated on the north wall and the ceiling around the patio to ensure that the serviced room is the most comfortable scale. Use quick-build, easy-to-disassembly structural systems, and sustainable thermal insulation,hard and soft decoration materials.

All in all, the project is a “integrate” and “flexible” zero-energy solar house that adapts to the Middle East climate and respects the local culture. The house can also be expanded into multi-level or row forms to develop zero-energy communities.

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