Manager: Wenhao Zhang 

Activation of Traditional Prototype

The starting point of our project is to deal with the high temperature, less rain climate in the Middle East, and  we hope to build a house with a combination of active technology and passive technology. Inspires by the local traditional atrium house, we design a terrace roof house with an atrium as a climate buffer space, then add electric aluminum plates to simulate the "X" shaped wind catcher partitions in the ventilation layer between the two roofs, they can automatically rotate to gather wind into the rooms.

Sustainable Lifestyle

Four Prefabricated modules respectively serve four essential functions as living, dining, service and bedroom. They enclosed an atrium——which can be a gym, a threater, an office or a party space. This multi-functional space will accommodate a diversified future life, encourage online communication and reduce travel energy consumption.

Unlimited Possibilities

with the development of photovoltaic technology, high-density houses can also achieve zero energy consumption, as a prototype of prefabricated houses, X HOUSE has over 20 optional modules and much more optional materals to form customized row houses or apartments.

Team Gallery

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