Team Aqua Green

Manager: Prof. Sahar Sulaiman

Our team is looking to provide answers and solutions to the problems that are relevant to the Arabian Gulf and the local region. Our Vision, through practical work and research with students, we aim to endeavors to change the way our community view wellness and healthy life, by building a sustainable house that is architecturally inspiring, innovative and adaptive to person’s needs as they go on in their lives.

  • Too much desk work, over reliance on vehicular transport and unhealthy diets have resulted in the deterioration of overall health and rise in obesity, blood pressure, and diabetes. We would like to have our house contribute to improve the occupant’s health and wellbeing through design and modern technology. We want to provide the means and incentive to steer the occupants to a healthier lifestyle.
  • The Arabian Gulf countries have one of the highest CO2 footprints in the world so one of our main goals is to reduce the energy consumption and C02 footprint.
  • The Gulf region has few natural resources that can be used for building, apart from aluminum and cement. Consequently, one of our main objectives is to use recycled material.
  • Use grey and recycled water.
  • Providing a comfortable indoor environment (Safety, comfort, privacy, quiet and spacious spaces).
  • Provide reusable, recycled and sustainable furniture.
  • Considering the appropriate use of non-toxic materials and finishes such as; paints, wood finishes, floor and ceiling finishes.
  • Use exterior plants to reduce solar reflections on the building.

Team Gallery